How to find an awesome web business idea.

I am a web designer, experience at CSS, Illustrators, Photoshop, the design things, and a bit HTML, but not capable of coding a website or making a web product. I did several researches, and now time to share what I’ve learnt so far, I also want to document the process of making a web product without programming knowledge, how to find a good business ideas, how to validate them, how to find a co-founder, a coder with a reasonable pay, how to find first customer/user for my product.

1. Read

The first step, I think, is to read. A web design almost have no knowledge about market research, finding a niche, a business idea that solves people’s problem. I was not familiar with business terms, then I start finding blogs, websites for startup ideas. And the best resource is:

If you want to build a web product, a mobile app, or a million dollars tech startup like Instagram, Whatapps, you should start here, it has everything you need

2. Finding ideas.

How to have a good idea? You can start by looking around, what’re your friend struggling at? what are the difficulties they have  currently? What is the pain in your work, your job, your industry? Here was how I did. I surfed around the net, talked with my female co-workers. They seemed tired of staying up late for works and stuffs, then I asked why didn’t they use something herbal, or natural oil to treat their skin. They said that those things may be good for their skin, but they didn’t know exactly which products, and how to do it.

Then I finally came with this idea:

A social network platform provide reviews, tutorials, guides, beauty and makeup tips to help women become more beautiful. Since it is a social network, anyone can share their tips and product reviews

The ideas should solve pains and problems of people, not just those you think great. Also, you better have business ideas related to your passion because only passion that can push you keep going. One of my ideas, is a social network for women to learn about makeup, beauty, and things like that. But I don’t know where to start. I’m not a women and I obviously do not like make up or so. It was so hard to sketch the first version of the web

3.Validating ideas

Next step is to find out if anyone is doing your ideas? Can you do better than them? Does anyone know these sites? If the niche is not saturated, you can jump in, make better product and user would definitely crazy about it.
Another thing is to check is how many will need your solutions, products? Anything to be more specific? I did find out that women want specific and detail guide for makeup, skin care, hair care: how to make up to be looked like Gwen Stacy (Amazing Spiderman movies), or hair care tips for dry hair, hair care tips for curly hair…

The findings:

It seems that there very few sites succeed in providing beauty tips and guides for women. So there’s a market for my ideas

One people are doing great jobs is Michelle Phan – she one of the bests vlogger on Youtube helping women become more beautiful. She now has nearly 7 million fans. The verdict is women really need guides and tutorials like those of Michelle Phan.

Well, that’s how to find a good startup idea, and validate it. As told before, I don’t have passion for this product, so I would talk about another idea in later posts. Next post would be about an idea, first step to make the product, where to find a coder ? What you need to know ?


How to choose web designers and softwares ?

Choosing a Web Designer, or a Web design company

Choosing a Web designer can be difficult due to the sheer number of companies and individuals offering such services. offers an online database of Web designers that you can search by services, name, or location.

Entrepreneur columnist Melissa Campanelli recommends doing your homework before selecting a designer: “Check out a list of the sites the company’s worked on and look closely at its own site.

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Web Site Life Cycles and Maintenance

Similar to any piece of software, Web sites follow a series of phases in their so-called “usable lives.” For e-commerce sites, the nature of those lives is also changing based on increasingly nuanced marketing objectives laid out for them. A typical site life cycle starts with basic planning and design, and ends with up-keep and administration. Below are some of the most common steps:

  1. Planning and requirements gathering
  2. Preliminary design and specification
  3. Detailed design and coding
  4. Testing and revision
  5. Launch
  6. Maintenance and upgrades

Web Site Life Cycles and development process

From this list, you might assume that the planning through launching steps consume the most time and resources; for many sites, however, maintenance and regular updates are central to their effectiveness and receive ample attention. The best life cycle plans take into account the site’s ongoing maintenance needs after the initial launch. One estimate is that maintenance requires about 20 percent of the initial development costs. Web users, much like newspaper or magazine readers, often expect continually refreshed content. Ultimately, if the business needs for the site—like driving traffic and generating sales—change considerably over time, the site may require a redesign and relaunch. Ideally, life cycle planning also considers market and technology signals that suggest when a site’s useful life is limited.

Web watchers commonly cite an evolutionary path for the kinds of sites companies launch. The first and simplest of these are called brochureware, essentially static non-interactive pages that are posted once and then left alone. The next stage is more like a magazine or small online community, providing basic interaction and periodic updates, while more advanced sites incorporate interactive applications, perhaps for online transactions or other customer needs. The most sophisticated sites are a complicated, user-specific conglomeration of content and applications originating in diverse locations and presented as a seamless yet dynamic interface.

While these models can help place you on a general continuum, keeping your site current can mean many different things depending on your content, your clients, your competitors. Certainly, on a national news site, visitors expect the content to be refreshed every few hours, if not minutes. For a local news site, that standard might be slwoed to include just daily updates. Some Web consultants recommend that smaller sites be updated at least once a quarter in order to maintain a sense of fresh content and keep the site’s visual material current. Others say monthly or weekly is more appropriate. With some exceptions, sites that haven’t had a graphic overhaul within one to two years may be perceived by end-users as looking outdated due to technology changes.

One way to organize updates and maintenance activity is to create a maintenance plan. There is no set form the plan should take, but some get fairly formal and lead to content management systems. Either way, the purpose is to begin serious thinking about the ongoing requirements of operating the site. The requirements may be technical, such as how to support increasing traffic loads, or strategic, such as how to make the site the top performer in its category—and keep it there. Planning also needs to account for logistical issues like personnel hours needed to maintain the site.

More elaborate sites usually have back-end maintenance tools built in so that content specialists at the company, say, marketing staff, can readily change text and images in predefined places on the site without requiring a programmer’s intervention. These content management systems store site information in databases and often include a user interface customized for the particular needs of the company. They also provide support for advanced problems like version control, ensuring there is clear documentation of what is the currently approved content versus previous content or work in progress.

Not all maintenance is aimed at making sites more complex, however. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, as Flash and other multimedia technologies gained sway, many well-funded sites rushed to include bits of animation and sound. No doubt some visitors were impressed with their technical prowess, but many Web users insist on practical, useful features instead of those that merely waste time and clog bandwidth. Some of the largest sites have learned to design their sites “down,” focusing on the quality and efficiency of the user experience. This movement includes a heavy emphasis on intuitive user interfaces and simple, informative designs. The idea is to hone the site for the particular needs of its main visitors—and possibly customize it for each one.

As with site development and hosting, maintenance and life cycle management can be outsourced to specialty firms. Often, if an outside team develops the site, they will include a bid for ongoing maintenance as well. Many Web consultants believe outsourcing is a wise approach because it greatly increases the likelihood the work will get done. Often times, specialists also have skills and inside knowledge that allows them to do a better job than a company could do on its own.

Of course, some maintenance is more technical in nature and, as such, doesn’t involve content or currency. A common problem, with small sites in particular, may occur up when the site operator assumes it will work continuously without interruption. As server addresses and other system features change, the site may become saddled with broken links and haphazard functions. Browser upgrades can change the way pages display and functions execute, as well. Web site operators need methods of keeping their services up and the existing functions working. Along with third-party service vendors, developers can create testing and monitoring tools for making sure the site is operating properly.

How to Increase Your Site’s UX and Conversions

Today, the user experience on a website is a very important factor if you plan on converting traffic in to actual customers. It’s actually crazy how many websites I visit where the website owner fails at this. The website is either super unattractive, has limited functionality, hard to navigate, and just a total mess. So, I decided to put together a guide which will help you increase your sites overall experience.


In today’s age, especially because everything is super-fast pace, people are programmed to be impatience when it comes to getting things done and finding information. So it’s EXTREAMLY crucial that you simplify everything. Remove the fat and stop making it so complex. If your not sure what to do, simplify. Simple allows your website user to easily find exactly what they need on their site.

Silo your website

Website siloing is quite a popular SEO strategy used by various SEO Specialists. It was my good friend who’s an SEO Specialist in Mississauga who first told me about it a few months ago and this strategy is best used on much bigger sites. However, it involves linking out to the broader categories from the main page, then gradually linking out to more in depth categories the deeper you go into the site. You’ll find examples of soloing techniques on multiple major websites today such as Amazon and eBay. The image below is actually a pretty good example of how siloing should be done.

Another thing is that you should keep the top category names quite similar. This helps users have a better idea of where they’ll find content.

Add trust to the website

For a website that is meant to convert, trust is an essential factor. If you want people to buy from you, they need to trust you first. To do this, you’ll need to add trust elements which can be done in multiple ways. Some of the ways trust can be added are the following.

  • Testimonials: This is probably the best way to increase website trust. Add reviews of what other people have to say about your product or service. And to take it a step further, try to get pictures of the people who are writing the testimonial for you. To take it even a step further, you can even try to get some video testimonials from a few clients.
  • Make the website personal: One way to increase the trust of a website is to put a face to it. People like to see who they are interacting with. It gives them a much more personal experience. So add your face to the site and let people know who you are.
  • Contact Info: Generally, legitimate websites don’t have contact information on them. So add contact information to yours. The more the better. So perhaps add a contact form, and add a link to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles that you might have.

Remove friction

If your trying to get someone to do something, require the very least amount of efforts from their end. Studies have shown that sales forms with the least amount of steps convert the best. So if you have a 5 step sales process, try to limit it to 2-3 steps and see how much you increase your sales!

User Experience and the User Interface Should Go Hand in Hand

There is a push for a company or a business to have its own website. Gone are the days when a website can have static pages, which are not meant to be updated regularly. In today's business environment, a web page must be able to attract visitors; it has to be easy to maintain; it has to be responsive; and it also has to be relevant.

Relevance in a website is something which is more easily said than done. The website owner tries to keep the site relevant, but Google makes the rules. It is even possible for search engines to de-index a site for no apparent reason. However, relevance on the web is tied up with credibility. Relevance can mean that the site is regularly updated with new materials and related to news and current events. A site that has stopped being updated falls into irrelevancy quite quickly.

One trend which shows that a website wants to be read is that of being responsive. This is a website characteristic where the site rearranges its on-page elements in order to fit the screen size of the device. This is relevant in the long run, as there is an increasing trend among users reading web pages on their mobile devices.

There is a debate which continues to rage about the desirability of the user experience versus the functionality of the user interface. To understand this, a user only has to look at iPhone and Android screens and operating systems. Androids are fully functional multi-touch devices. In terms of popularity, there are more Android devices than there are Apple devices. However, there are a lot of differences, which would account for more iOS users being satisfied with their Apple mobile devices. First off, given the same amount of memory, Apple would perform better. This stems from the operating system. Apple's iOS is a smaller operating system. In recent years, Android has suffered from bloat and a lot of Android devices have become clunky.

However, in terms of user experience, a lot more people are satisfied with iOS devices. They have better tactile control, better camera quality, faster WiFi connectivity, and overall safer apps. Android's popularity stems from the sheer number of users. Still, not all Android devices cost the same as Apple devices. In the high-end market, Apple devices sell the most.

A great user experience takes more time and energy than a great user interface. What it comes down to is that there is a difference between these two terms. For one, it would require more than a technically superior user interface to come up with a great user experience. There are other non-technical factors that make a user experience. For example, a discussion on ultrasound technology can focus on the benefits instead of the tools.

For a photographer, the ease of use of the camera and the quality of the pictures would be a big plus. For those who depend on the Internet for web-based products, a fast connection would be included in their list of user experience points.

The technical aspects of the above examples are different from one another. In this case, marketing can be said to have a hand in the user experience. They are tasked to find the right market, penetrate it and then own it. The feature set should fit the market.

Form and functionality goes hand in hand whether it is in web design or in smartphone operating systems.

Unique Products You can Buy Online These Days

Go for items online that are unique and cannot be bought anywhere else.

With the advent of online shopping, almost anything can be bought over the web. You don’t have to leave home just to find these items. In fact, there are items that you have to buy in another town or state. However, if you just order them online, you can get them for just a few more bucks for the delivery fee. You can also customize some items, which is really a good thing.

There are a lot of items that you can buy on a regular store that are also available online. Although these items are worth buying as well, you won’t necessarily enjoy them. Sometimes you have to buy them at a higher price when in fact you can just buy them outside. Therefore, you need to look for more unique items that you can never find anywhere else.

Buy a pet keepsake

If you are an animal lover, this is perfect for you. This product can be rarely found anywhere. If you want a good pet keepsake, you can check this out. The good thing about this product is that it is something special that you can give to your pet cats and dogs. It is something that they can wear and be more interesting to look at. However, it is also something that you can remember them by when they are already gone. Thus, before that time happens, you have to buy this item. It will definitely be worth every penny.

Tear bottles

You might also want to go for a unique bottle that can hold special liquids. They are called tear bottles because of their unique looks. You can see through whatever is inside it. It looks like a container for expensive perfumes. It might be a bit expensive for its size, but it is worth the price. If you can have a collection of tear bottles, then it is really good to look at.

Jewelry with fingerprints

This sounds like a unique idea, and it is now getting popular. You just need to scan your fingerprint and send it to the maker of the jewelry. Aside from fingerprints, you can also have footprints or even paw prints for your animals. You can also get one for your baby. A digital scanner is used to capture the fingerprints and it will be sent online. The most interesting features of the fingerprint will be casted in a mold and it will be used in making the jewelry. You will then receive the final product once it is done. Yes, there are a lot of items online that can be customized, but this one is something beyond compare. Each fingerprint is unique and so you won’t have anyone else who has the same jewelry as you if you go for this product. For more information about fingerprint jewelry, you can go to

These are just some of the unique items that are available online. Go ahead and make the most out of them now. You won’t regret your decision given how unique these items are.

How to Sell Boots for Girls Online

You can increase your sales by coming up with more ideas to market your boots online.

It is great to start an online business especially if you come prepared. You will face a lot of competitors and so you have to be ready with everything. It can be a very challenging task and you might want to give up along the way. If you plan to sell boots for girls online, you are heading to the right direction. This is a very popular product. Girls wear it for stage performances, rodeos, and even in everyday life. The only problem is that you have tons of people to compete with. Even in your area alone, you can find businesses that will make it hard for you. Thus, you need to strengthen your online campaign and make them choose you in the end.

Get the best products

The first step to success is to ensure that you have the best products with you. If you are creating your own boots, then it is great. You can bank on authentic boots for sale. People want it. However, if you just retail boots, then you have to choose the best brands. You need to be seen as the store that offers the best and highest quality boots for girls online. When you have the best products with you, building your brand and making you more popular is not a difficult task.

Spruce your website up

If you have already been doing online campaigns, then the next thing to do is to make sure that your campaigns go viral. People need to see what you have to offer. They also need to let others see what you can offer. Thus, you need to first make your website look more appealing. Aside from placing the product pictures and descriptions, it also helps that you provide useful content. They must read other ideas about boots, shoes, or the country life. The site must be educational and the graphics must be appealing. If they find a reason to visit your website more, then even if they don’t buy anything now, they can still buy something in the future.

Maximize social media

You also need to make use of social media. Advertise your site and let other people see what you can offer. You should have followers. They must discuss more about your products especially if you keep giving updates about your products. You must also give promotions and announce them online. If more people see that you are being talked about in the online world, then they will have bigger chances of buying your products. Of course, you also need to target the right people. For instance, if you are selling cowboy boots for girls, then you need to advertise more to the appropriate age group. If you want to know more about a successful business that sells cowboy boots for girls, you can go here.

Eventually, when you have overhauled your business, you can expect income to just flow. You have to be prepared for it as well. If you become popular but you can’t handle demands, it spells disaster.

Improving Your Blog about Motorcycle and Car Racing

You can write a blog about racing and share your thoughts to others.

Whether you are a professional racer or you are just a huge fan of all sorts of racing, it is great if you can start you own blog. This will help you express your thoughts about your interest and you can also share what you know to others. Blogs have a comment section which allows interaction. Therefore, you can easily attract other racers and racing fanatics to read your blog.

Since you are already making a blog, the next thing that you have to do is to advertise your site and let other people read what you have written. It is great that others see what you have worked hard for as well. Thus, the key is to improve your website.

Start with the design

If you want to stand out, you need to ensure that the overall theme of the site is related to racing. This will allow your readers to be more excited about what you have to offer. Use the best graphics and put some videos as well. However, you need to be careful with the design, as you might be totally concerned with the overall design that you forget the basic elements of web design. Take note that if your website is too heavy, it will be difficult for others to load the site and they might just opt to look for other sites to read.

You also have to consider a mobile version of your website. A lot of people these days use their phones to browse the Internet. Usually, websites that are created for PC view are not compatible with mobile devices. They might take time to load or they might be tons of flaws that could potentially irritate the readers. Thus, if you can make your website compatible for mobile devices, it would be great.

Determine the best content

Though it is great that you give attention to the overall design of your website, you also have to understand that you are creating a blog. This means that you need to focus on your content more than anything else. People might keep on coming back to your site because of the visual appeal, but if they get nothing after some time browsing, they might not come back anymore. Thus, it helps that you improve on your writing skills. You also have to update your blog with new posts every now and then. You also have to post news updates and other interesting articles

Links to racing equipment stores online

You also need to use your blog to plug items that can be used for racing. This is perfect since those who are interested in racing can immediately buy the necessary equipment after reading your blog. If they want to buy helmet, you can recommend Gmax Gm54s modular helmet at You might also direct them to Motorcycle helmet reviews at this site if they wish to have more detailed reviews about certain items.

Once you have done all these changes, you can expect positive results in the end. It takes time, but it is worth it.

Creating a Website to Sell Double Jogging Strollers

With the right website and products to sell, your online business will surely go a long way.

If you are planning to launch a business, the best thing to do is to go online. This is easier since you can target a wider group of people at a short amount of time. The best part is that once you have already launched your website and started your marketing tactics, the advertisement will continue to work even if you are asleep. Thus, if you wish to launch an online business, you are definitely on the right track.

Choosing the Best Product

Despite the high success rate of online businesses, it still depends on the product that you are selling. There are products that are extremely popular, but you also have tons of other competitors. On the other hand, there are products that have fewer competitors, but fewer markets as well. Thus, you need to find products that are popular, but at the same time you have only a few competitors to beat. In this case, you might want to go for jogging strollers. A lot of parents want to stay fit and healthy, but they don’t have the time they need due to a baby. This is why jogging strollers are becoming more popular. They allow parents to jog around the park with their baby with them. For those who have just given birth, jogging helps a lot in weight loss and going back to their old figure.

Starting the website

If you wish to stand out and have products that can be easily sold, the best thing to do is to create your own website that is a cut above the rest. This means that it is not just appealing on the surface, but it is also relatable to the people. When they enter the website, they must find it useful and they must be tempted to buy whatever it is that you offer.

There must also be an easy way to make a direct purchase using the website. To top it all, there must be useful content that they can read. Thus, even if they don’t make any purchase for now, they can still do so in the future. At least, they have a reason to go back to your website.

Focus on marketing techniques online

Aside from having a good website, you also need to market it. People need to see your website or else there is no use in having one. For instance, you can check out the best jogging stroller reviews at if you wish to find out how the company markets their products in a form of a review. You can also write blogs, participate in forums, use social media and maximize other online techniques in order to make your online presence be felt more. It takes time and effort, but as soon as many people see your products, your chances of earning higher.

For now, the best thing that you can do is to look for the best jogging strollers to sell. You can go for the best double jogging stroller from this site. Once you have bought the right products to sell, you can go ahead and start your business.

Why would you learn to code?

I love to hear from someone young that they are learning programming and coding. I remember the joys of learning HTML and java. I loved the challenge, and those skills have served me well. However, the world is changing rapidly, and I’m not sure I would still recommend young people to learn web design coding languages.

Sure, there will still be demand for them, but a lot less than right now. If you look at all the web based products out there which make it really simple and fast to set up a new website. In fact a lot of wordpress based websites I work on look better than HTML coded sites out there. It’s a sad fact for us coders, but isn’t it time we face the reality?

I recently read an article which showed that people care less and less about how a website looks, but instead want the information they are looking for as fast as possible. That’s why websites such as RebelMouse and Pearl Trees are becoming so popular with younger people under thirty. They provide what everyone wants, and that is instant gratification.

Let’s say you’re looking for a natural hive treatment, like I was the other day. Instead of searching the web like I usually do, found this OxyHives review on RebelMouse. It showed me exactly what I was looking for. It’s not a complicated website, it’s nothing special, but it has the answer. What’s more these kind of social properties will show exactly what other people think. There will be reviews from real people, and if someone likes it, they will share or press like on the page. So not only do you find what you’re looking for much faster than before, you now know in an instant whether the information you’ve found is any good or not according to other people. This is revolutionary, and makes me wonder why we still make normal HTML websites.

The same applies to a PearlTrees page. The results are there right in front of you. It’s a collection of the best websites according to someone with the exact same problem as you. This is highly advanced social media, and takes it a step further than twitter, Facebook and Pinterest where you can only see what you’re friends are doing. Here you can see what everyone else in the world thinks about your interests.

So will there still be demand for traditional websites? I think so, but less than you might think. Take for example blogging, instead of going to your favorite blog, you instead go to something like Pearl Trees and see a collection of your favorite blog and his favorite bloggers. It’s social media and blogging on steroids and I absolutely love it.

So instead of fighting this chance in web design, I have decided it is a lot easier to just join this social media revolution. I’m setting up social media properties for all my websites, and making it easier for my own followers to keep updated.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so send me an email with what you think as I’m intrigued!

Tips in Hiring the Best SEO Company

When starting an online business, the first thing that you need to do is to start a website. This will be your money site. All transactions should be done via the main site that you have setup. However, the problem is that you cannot just expect people to come to you and buy the products that you offer. Take note that there are hundreds upon thousands of websites. Some of them might even be your direct competitors. Thus, you have to place more efforts in advertising your company. Just like a regular business, marketing should also be a part of your strategies.

This is where the need for SEO kicks in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The basic premise is that when people look up for a particular keyword online, your website must come out first. People trust sites that appear on the first few pages of search engines. Thus, if your website appears on the first page when people look up for a particular keyword, then they will most likely buy from you.

If you have all the time in the world to do SEO, then go for it. However, it is not an easy task. You have to stay updated. You need the right strategies to be more competitive. You need to study new techniques as well. If you think you can’t do all these things, then you just have to hire an SEO company.

Years of experience

This is the first thing that you have to consider. Take note that there are companies out there that are pretending to offer the best services when they have not yet proven themselves. Find a company that has a proven track record and can show the websites that have become more popular with the aid of their service. You can also conduct interviews to validate their knowledge when it comes to SEO.

Ability to promote their own site

If this SEO company is really good, then they have to prove to you that they can promote their own website too. If their company appears on top of search engines if you type SEO or online marketing, then it speaks a lot about the reliability of the company.


Of course, you also need to consider the price. You must establish a long and lasting partnership with the company. However, the service must bear fruits as well. You cannot splurge on their services unless you are 100% sure that the returns will be higher. You need to know first how much you have to pay for a particular service and what that service can do to promote your website.

SEO companies in Adelaide

When you live in Adelaide, you are in luck. It is easy to find companies in the area that can cater to your needs. Well, even if you are outside Adelaide, you can still avail of their services. As long as you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can land with a great partner. If you want to find out the best SEO Adelaide, make sure your Facebook page will also be promoted well.

How to Design a Website to Teach the Natural Squatting Position

You can now change the overall design of your website that discusses natural squatting position when pooping with ease.

Designing a website can be very challenging for so many reasons. Even if you have been designing websites for a long time, there are still factors that can make it a difficult process. It becomes even more difficult if you are designing a website with a somewhat weird content. For instance, you are tasked to design a website that discusses the health benefits of natural squatting position when pooping.

There are lots of benefits when pooping in a natural squatting position and many people don’t know about it. Thus, there are health workers who constantly campaign to make people change their ways. There are also business people who sell devices that can help one adjust to a squatting position when pooping. If you are tasked to design a website for this seemingly weird topic, you need to consider a few things.

Make the content informative

People don’t like the idea of discussing about poop. It is disgusting. Thus, when designing a website that talks about stools, they need to realize that everything is formal and informative. The topic should be explained in a professional manner. As soon as the readers understand the content and where you are going with it, then they will realize that it is not like any other websites that talk about stools in a disgusting way.

Be careful with the graphics

Of course, readers don’t want to see how it is done by real people. You can use animation or cartoon graphics to discuss the issue even further. This will help them visualize without necessarily disgusted. If you wish to use actual pictures, then they must have a choice whether they wanted to see it or not. If you are selling squatty potty products, of course you need to show the actual pictures.

Find related news articles

Discussing everything about the traditional method of pooping won’t really fill out the website. Thus, you also need to include some news articles that may be of interest to your readers. Make sure that it will encourage them to follow the natural squatting position. You should also put some testimonials so they will understand more the process with the help of real people.

Selling products

If the website is meant not just to inform but to sell, then the website must be designed in such a way that selling can be done easily. Readers must get a glimpse of the product and some details about it. If they decide to buy the product, then they have to buy it right away with just a click. If they are redirected many times and they have to fill out a lot of forms before making a purchase, then they will be turned off. They will choose not to buy one instead.

Squatty potty products are so popular these days because more people understand the value of the natural squatting position when pooping. For more information about squatty potty reviews, you can go here and find out more details. You can also get ideas on how to create a perfect website for squatty potty.

Tips in Designing a Website Dedicated to Popular Topics

In order to come up with a popular website, the entire design has to be carefully planned and analyzed.

When starting a website, you want something that will be easily seen by the people. The best way to do this is to start a website about trending topics. People want something that everyone talks about. If not, the website must be about something that is totally new or perhaps something many people don’t know about. Take note that if it is interesting enough, the readers might even share the link in their social media account. Imagine the number of people who could possibly connect to the website once it has been shared several times.

To begin with, finding topics that are new might be very difficult. If you are going for trending topics, it is possible for them to have read the same topic somewhere else. For instance, for topics that are considered as cool stuff, you can go to for more ideas. Thus, if you are targeting this niche, you have to come up with a web design that will easily attract people.

Easy to navigate

This is the first thing that you have to consider. When you want people to stay in your website, they must be able to jump from one topic to another with ease. If they need to follow a lot of links and they have to be redirected several times, it might turn them off. Thus, it is important that you keep the website simple and easy to follow.

Unnecessary pop-ups

Yes, you need ads. You get money out of these ads. However, you don’t want to ruin the website just because there are annoying pop-ups. This will make the visitor close the website altogether. Aside from the pop-ups, you should also avoid unnecessary graphics, background music, or videos that will make the site even more difficult to load.

View at once

There are some really new and interesting topics for the visitors to read in your site. As a result, you wanted to present the topic as a slide. You want them to click as many times as possible so you can maximize their stay in the site. Though this is helpful, the problem is that people are annoyed whenever they don’t read everything they need at once. If each item needs to be clicked and loaded, they might just look for another source. This is something you don’t want to happen.

No to re-blogging

When there is a very popular topic, you might just want to copy the entire item and post it in your website. To begin with, this is not a good practice. Without proper attribution, you can even be sued for plagiarism. Furthermore, it is not good if your website is seen as just a copied version of other people’s website. Thus, if you really want to share the same topic, rewrite it or come up with other ways to present it. Look for other angles or perhaps write a commentary about it.

It takes time to come up with a really good website. There are a lot of things that must be considered. If you want more ideas on how to successfully create this website, go to

SkyPortal Paid App Review

Hey, everyone! I just recently got into astronomy, telescopes, stargazing and the like thanks to my girlfriend. She’s pretty passionate about this stuff and it’s inspired me to go on a couple outings with her. Watching the galaxy through a telescope is some pretty cool stuff. Anyway, I have dived into the deep end because I have purchased my first telescope, from a telescope review website! I was on the fence about the purchase, but when I saw that the brand of telescope I was interested in had its own web-based application, that put me over the edge. Now, I’ll be able to review it for you and hopefully help some of my fellow stargazers out.

I bought Celestron NexStar Evolution 8, and with purchase you get a password that allows you to access the community portal of the SkyPortal application (Available via iTunes and Google Play), not just its free features. Its free features include constellation maps and the best spots to stargaze based on your location, but that’s pretty much it.

With my new purchase, I can now connect to the internet and post live updates about what I’m seeing and have others comment to me. Additionally, there is a crowd-sourcing feature, where a map will automatically update to show me where other users are stargazing. You can choose from a menu of icons to describe your experience. For example there is a cartoonish Milky Way icon, planet icon, cloud icon and you can update your status based on what you’re seeing. The app is also currently beta testing picture sharing, which I think will be a great addition so instead of seeing a dorky cartoon, I will be able to see an actual shot of what this person is looking at.

Overall, the application is great. When my girlfriend and I went to the national park the other night, I was surprised to see so many icons pop up who were wanting to share their experiences. Even when we’re in our backyard, it’s cool to see the stark difference of what someone sees only a couple miles away.

Specifically regarding the UI, the application layout and menu pages are extremely easy and efficient to use. In no way was I confused about how to use the application and the navigation is fluid and streamlined, unlike a lot of applications out there right now. The overall UX was spot on. I am definitely becoming addicted to this application and I think that’s what they want from users. I am emotionally involved in seeing what others are posting and I think that will only increase once photo sharing emerges. Plus, if you continue to use this app in conjunction with their telescope, you’ll want your descriptions on the app to get better, which will mean you’ll want upgrades to your real-life telescope. Celestron definitely knows what they have done with SkyPortal.

I can’t properly review the free application and stay unbiased now that I already know what the paid application looks like, so I can’t recommend using their free app. However, if you are already a burgeoning astronomer and don’t have this app, you’re doing it wrong.

Web Designing For Real Estate Clients

As a web designer, I’ve always found that designing websites for real estate agents is a more challenging project than designing for other types of jobs. This tends to happen because each real estate agent is a little bit different and they want to not only appeal to homeowners looking to sell their homes or those looking to find a new home, but they also want to stand out from other agents in the area. This means they need a website that is not only functional for their goal, which is to get more potential clients on the site, but then to also like the agent and reach out and contact them.

It can also be a little more challenging because unlike most websites, collecting email addresses of site visitors isn’t really that effective of a method when it comes to getting real estate clients. There are usually two ways to try and get people to take action and that is to either call the agent directly or to fill out a form on the website that will give the agent a solid lead and info they need. It’s best to choose one method: either try to get visitors to call or fill out the form. In my experience, it’s best to try and get them to fill out the form as this usually weeds out those who are not serious about either selling or buying a home and leaves the agent with more qualified leads.

Another thing that makes real estate website design unique is that it’s always smart to include a house search on the site. This works well for those that are searching for a house in a certain area and also gives the potential client an idea of what’s out there and available to them. You want to provide this feature on the site with the goal still being to get them to fill out the information form. I’ve always found that putting the form right below the “find a home” box on the site that people are much more likely to fill out the form then and there, compared to other places on the site.

To help give you a good idea of some solid elements of web design for real estate agent type sites, I’ll share with you an example of a good one I’ve found on the web. This site not only served the purpose of giving the visitor what they are looking for, but also presenting a solid reason to trust the agent that is being presented on the site. The site is targeting homes for sale around Springfield, MO and is called Trusted Missouri Realtors. It also has a great color scheme with a clean and simple design. All the focus is on the content and is designed to give the visitor what they are looking for.

Just remember that while designing a real estate site is a different challenge, it’s a good challenge and one that can be rewarding as well. Just remember to get as much info from the agent as you can about what they want and what their unique selling position is. Some agents may not know the answer to this, so help them figure it out. It’ll help you design a great site and it will also help them become a more success agent and stand out from the pack. Help them succeed and they will at the same time help you succeed.

Tips in Creating a Web Design in Selling Home Cleaning Products

If you wish to start a business online, you are definitely heading towards the right direction. There are lots of people who have started an online business a few years ago and have succeeded. In fact, for some people, it only took a few months before the business has finally taken off. Thus, if you are to open your own business, then you are making the right move.

What products to sell

Almost all items that you can think of buying can now be bought online. Therefore, the best thing to do is to just decide which of these items will sell really well. Of course, you can easily think of popular items such as electronic devices or clothes. However, considering the number of businesses you have to go against, it might not be the best road to take. As such, you might have to consider popular items, but can still easily be sold with not so much competition. If this is what you want, then go for items that can be used for cleaning the home. Every mother would buy one. Offices and other establishments also need these products. Thus, you are assured that you will have a market for these products.

If you have decided to go for it, you can either sell all types of home cleaning products needed or focus only on some products that you want to highlight. If so, you might have to go for steam mops. These products are still getting popular these days. Hence, you are heading towards the right directions. Check the steam mop reviews here and you will find out how much people rave for them. You might also sell kitchen faucets with different designs. Even faucets these days must not look ordinary anymore. Check out some kitchen faucet reviews at so you will find out just how much design people can choose from.

How to sell the products

If you are ready to begin this business, then you have to setup the website. This is where people can check the products out and even make direct purchase. Thus, here are some tips to ensure that the web design is appealing enough for people to patronize your products.

  • Make sure that the website is easy to navigate. If people want to check products or buy something, they must not have a hard time doing so.
  • The products presented must have complete details. The descriptions must be on point. The price should be shown and promotions must be made known. If there is other information that can help them make their decision, it should be made available.
  • Use graphics wisely. They are attractive. People want to see them in a website. However, if you give too much emphasis on the graphics, then it might not highlight the products anymore. Besides, a site filled with graphics might be difficult to load. People don’t like sites that load really slow.
  • Make sure the site is available for mobile applications. People would want to buy items using their smartphones. Thus, it should be easy for them to do it.

If you follow these tricks, you are assured of a successful online business.